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Don’t have 1,500 classroom hours For Cosmetology Or Barber School

start with less than

3 hours of training and your Hair Braiding Certification today.


1. HairBraiders receive instant access to courses.

2. All information is voluntarily submitted and self-reported and HairBraiders will pay the fee subject to changes.

3. HairBraiders must be active and in good standing. 

4. HairBraiders Certificate will be on the website community asset map.

5. HairBraiders Certificate will be delivered digitally.

6. HairBraiders Certification is for a lifetime.

7. HairBraiders will print a copy of the certificate.

8. HairBraiders will present certification upon questioning by enforcement.

9. HairBraiders will NOT use penetrating chemicals or act as a cosmetologist.

10. HairBraiders are an eco-friendly chemical-free hairstylist association.