These are the requirements for each state's hair braiding rules and regulations. Please watch the full video to get the desired details needed for your outcome.

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Missouri Hair Braiding 2023

In this video I discuss the full Missouri Application process for Hair Braiding. #MissouriHairBraider Missouri has changed some of its horrible 😭 practices but you will need a Social Security Number to apply for a Hair Braiding Certification Registration in #explo Missouri. Currently the videos for your Hair Braiders Certificate are on YouTube. You no longer have to go to the Cosmetology Education Group for your training. But you are allowing the Missouri Cosmetology Board to inspect and fine your hair braiding business once you get the license 🪪. So join us at or purchase my Transfer (Reciprocity) Package 📦 because you will need it to move around and across the USA. Thanks Denise please like, comment and share. #hairbraiding #missouri #whatstatesrequirealicensetobraidhair

California SB 803 

600 hours Hairstylist License 2023-24

In this video 📷 I discuss the full Hair Stylist application process and the FAQ's for California.

There are so many 😬 for the hair braiders or natural hair stylist to hop through before you can apply or create a school for this occupational license 🪪 for hair care. 

Please pass this mess of a specialist license 😭 in California and join us at were we Stop 🛑 the 🪮 Comb Cops from entering your shop! 

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New York

In this video I discuss the subsection of each of the full application for New York Hair Styling 🪪. The Natural Hair Styling Laws and Rules are available as a digital download on the New York 🗽 state website. Join us at We are #hairbraiding #braids #newyork EcoHair Braiders Association LLC and Stop 🛑 the Comb 🪮 Cop 👮🏾‍♀️ for entering your shop.


In this video I have Nevada's Cosmetology Boards Hair Braiding Certification review. There are three (3) tests required and an affidavit of service with a $140 two year renewal fee. #hairbraiding #braids #nevada